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#1 2 lutego 2020, 12:52

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and just find your way back into Center let your head relax let your spine relax and just let gravity do the work and stretch your body open so you can practice this video three to four to five times a week the more often you practice the better your results will be so I encourage you to really commit to this five weeks of yoga play that will help you get strong and fit so from here we're going to start to mobilize our spine so as you breathe take a nice deep breath in and start to reach your heart forward flattening out through your back then fold forward again so notice I'm keeping my fingers planted on the ground my knees are even bent slightly so this is not just lifting up halfway with a rounded spine but really you want to find that articulation in your spine so let's try again as you breathe in lengthen through your spine reach forward through your heart so you find that length