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    Abi (Gość), 27 marca 2015, 13:17

    All of the DT's cards are stunning, with their fleowrs and green spring-like embellishments. I love how you used the Nesties and the beautiful scrolling embellishment on your card. Your beautiful black and white butterfly,ruffled fleowrs,and the page of text make this a card I would want to frame.It's so pretty.So glad you are feeling better now.

  • Zgłoś nadużycie
    Zhaofeng (Gość), 28 marca 2015, 3:51

    Thanks Colin, appreciate the cotnemms, well the first ones at least. The camera is the cheap but excellent Ixus 70 and the case is the official Canon item. The underwater mode is very good, but the real magic comes from the big external strobe / flash that I take in with the camera. I still need more practice though.Hmmmm yes the cricket and rugby. I was aware that things weren't all so rosy but your blog just served to rub salt in the wounds. The England NZ game was also a disappointment but entertaining none the less.And as for the excess hair, I'm on a budget and thus all non essentials such as razors and hair cuts cannot be justified Also note, these pictures are over a month old. I now look like a yeti!

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